Crowd roar for every nation at the powerlifting

The vocal support from the stands continued at the powerlifting competition for the global veterans competing at the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 presented by Jaguar Land Rover. Spectators were on their feet roaring for the unconquered competitors in the women’s midweight event at Sydney Olympic Park on Tuesday.

The near capacity crowd had no concern for which country they belonged to, the encouragement continued for every competitor.

And it wasn’t just the family and friend supporters, the whole auditorium were on their feet as if they could will the competitor’s arms to lock and the bar and weights to rise and stay straight.

There was no respite of encouragement when Sebastiana Lopez and Altermese Kendrick from Team USA attempted 70kg and 90kg respectively.  When the lift was not completed the crowd was on its feet cheering and clapping with the team colours merging to support Lopez and Kendrick as they left the stadium with their arms in the air.   

The audience appreciating their ability and the true meaning of the Invictus Spirit, that it is just being here that counts. And in the eyes of the spectators the competitors are unconquered not matter what they lift.

Lopez did take the win in her division with Australians Nicki Bradley (70kg) and Alexia Vlahos (68kg) winning the silver and bronze.

Lila Murgatroyd
Invictus Games Sydney 2018