Quotes of the day – Wednesday 24th October

Mark Ormrod, UK competitor and multiple gold medallist:

“These Games mean more than he (Prince Harry) will ever know. Everyone needs goals and directions. The first time I went into a pool post injuries I nearly drowned.”

WPJ Harimate, NZ competitor on New Zealand’s Haka at the AUS v NZ wheelchair rugby:

“I went through about eight or nine months of chemotherapy and now I’m in full remission. I’ve come out the other side. But I’m still serving after 35 years and I still love it.”

Rahmon Zondervan, Dutch competitor ahead of his athletics events:

“It’s my fourth and last Invictus Games. I am closing the wounded book. I want to give someone else a chance to compete. It’s not just the sport. You learn so much from each other and meet so many good people.”

Five-time Olympic gold medallist and Invictus Games Sydney 2018 ambassador Ian Thorpe:

“We have a great list of volunteers who either have a lot of experience volunteering or they have a connection to people who have served. We also celebrate the diversity of Australia.”

Dave Innes, Canadian competitor ahead of his powerlifting event:

“It is important to mention how much the people behind the scenes also deserve recognition for their jobs, such as the medical and management teams that have been with us the whole time.”

Steve Lawrence, Australian competitor:

“Age makes no difference, we talk the same talk. It’s been tremendous. It’s a brotherhood. It’s an experience I couldn’t have done without.”