Quotes of the day – Monday 22 October 2018

Monday was the first day of competition at Sydney Olympic Park with the indoor rowing,  sitting volleyball and wheelchair tennis events in full swing.

The venues were buzzing as competitors, family, friends, spectators and volunteers enjoyed each other’s company and soaked up the atmosphere.

Sapper Andrew Tonkih – IG2018 Armed Forces
“I feel so privileged to be part of a once in a lifetime opportunity that supports so many people on their journey to recovery. Everyone is in such high spirits. I love it!”

Dylan Alcott – IG2018 ABC Host, talking about the wheelchair tennis competition
“Somebody asked me before when they changed ends; ‘why would they keep high-fiving each other, why would they keep high-fiving their competitor?’ That’s what it’s all about, it’s about getting around each other. They don’t know what the other person on the other side of the net is going through, but they want to support them with whatever it is and that’s what the message is.”

Linda Bellingham and Peter Parry – IG2018 Spectators
“It’s amazing to be here, we feel so proud to be able to support the Invictus Games and all the competitors. There’s such a great atmosphere, it gives us goose bumps to be part of it.”

Debbie – IG2018 Sport Information Volunteer
“I love the camaraderie of the Invictus Games. The competitors compete hard, but go out of their way to help other competitors if they have an accident or equipment failure. It blows me away. If the ship goes down, I want these competitors on the ship with me!”

Merindee and Teresa – IG2018 Spectators
“We’re here to support our son-in-law in the volleyball, powerlifting and discus. We’ve only just arrived for our first event, but everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere is really exciting.”

Brad Bishop – IG2018 Transport Volunteer
“It’s so moving to be part of this. As volunteers we’re all playing a small part to make the Invictus Games a great experience for everyone. My son is serving in the Forces, he’s my hero.”

Kathy Corrigan – IG2018 spectator from the United Kingdom
“This is my third Invictus Games. The Invictus Games does so much to raise awareness and brings us all together on a level playing field. It means so much to the competitors.”

Janet Foulcher – IG2018 spectator
“The atmosphere is really great and the sport is so competitive. It’s very physical. I’m here to support the whole Australian team, they’re all winners in my eyes.”

Tracey Crisp and Justin Clear – IG2018 Spectator Services Volunteers
“We were lucky enough to win a draw to come and volunteer for the Invictus Games through our employer in Adelaide. We’re loving it! Our motto is ‘don’t think about what you can’t do, think about what you can do’.”

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