Quotes of the day – Friday 26 October

As the week of competition draws closer to its end, spectators flocked to Sydney Olympic Park on Friday to soak up the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 presented by Jaguar Land Rover atmosphere at the archery finals, athletics and wheelchair basketball.

Sergeant Anthony McDaniel – US wheelchair rugby team coach, multiple Invictus medallist and former Marine

“You have to have a strong mindset, the mentality to push on. It’s something that nobody can take from you.”

“Without our families, we’re only half of the whole. It’s not just about us, it’s about them as well.”

Alex Coombs – 12-year-old boy from Minchinbury Public School

“Being at the Invictus Games is very inspirational because the competitors show us that we can do anything.”

Steffi Matz – the only female on the German team

“We are strong and we are still warriors, and most importantly we are not alone – we are now part of the ‘Invictus family’.”

Gabrielle Gazal – daughter of Australian war-widow Carmel Gazal

“My father suffered his demons from what he did in the war and it impacted our lives and ended his prematurely. Today we came to say, ‘Dad we are here for you’, and to support our current war veterans. We came away with so much more. It was a very special moment.”

Padre Frank Langford – Chaplain

“These Games are an enormous part of growth and healing; it is an important part of the competitors’ wholeness.”

Sir Peter Cosgrove – Governor-General

“This event shines a light; let’s not turn off that light.”

“There are some people whose situation doesn’t allow them to participate in sports… let’s not forget them, and let’s find ways to get them out and back into greater society where people will see, appreciate and support.”

“There are gold medals but there’s no national anthems, because it is not one nation verses another; it is all nations combined with competitors enjoying affection and respect for each other.”

Cavell Simmonds – Canadian competitor

“A member of the 2017 Invictus Games team suggested that I apply. I didn’t want to because I figured I was too old and couldn’t do anything and wouldn’t be selected. But it’s such a healing benefit. The preparation for coming, the team support, getting to know people, talking to like-minded people – countries and countries of like-minded people – it gives you inspiration to get out of the house, take care of yourself and be the special person that you can be because we are all unique and this is a fantastic way to see yourself.”

Jow Dillnutt – UK competitor

“For anyone out there thinking about doing Invictus Games or thinking ‘No, it’s not really for me’, give it a go. There’s no harm in trying anything and, trust me, this works.”

Brett Williams – US competitor

“The biggest thing is coming out and trying. Putting forth the effort is the first step to making it to these Games. Once you do that, the world’s your oyster.”

“If you make it to the Games, make everything of it, give it everything you’ve got.”

Kelly Whittle – New Zealand competitor

“When you’re ready to be part of the Invictus family, they’ll draw you in, no questions asked.”

“For people who are still struggling but think they are ready, these Games will just lift you…. really lift you.”

Matt Payne – Australian competitor and masked flagbearer

“You gotta adapt you know, that’s the Aussie spirit!”

“Anyone who put their pen to paper and put the application in is a winner, no matter what country.”