Did you buy your #IG2018 tickets

I remember attending my first live sports event. I was a child and it was surreal. All my heroes were playing right there, just in front of me. To see their efforts was really exciting as I could see how hard they were trying, or in some cases not trying!

As I got older, I dreamt of playing sport at a high level and in front of a crowd. Unfortunately that dream didn’t immediately come true, but it did when I competed at the Invictus Games London 2014 and Orlando 2016. As a competitor, the crowd’s reaction was exactly what I was hoping. It made me feel like a million dollars and gave me the energy to push further, even when I was exhausted. At the Invictus Games, all the competitors are wounded, injured or ill and it means the world to them to feel supported.

Now, what you will witness as a spectator…

I can assure everyone buying tickets and attending the Games will be moved by the experience. When you see competitors in the pool, on the track or on court, who have overcome so much just to be alive and function again, you will be inspired to achieve anything you want. The competitors will show you that everything is possible! The work they had to do just to be on the start line is incredible, and I can assure you they will do their absolute best!

Why should you buy tickets?

Buying tickets and attending the events is a great way to support the incredible wounded, injured and ill competitors. It’s a great way to say thank you to them. The other reason you should buy tickets, is that every single spectator will witness incredible things and everyone will feel inspired! The Games will change your life! You too will feel you can achieve anything you want!

Buy your tickets and see you at the Games! Game On Down Under!